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is an independant, Dutch lubricant company for marine customers and automotive brands. We deliver value and high-performing lubricants to oil majors, brand owners and distributors.We enjoy direct access to the port of Rotterdam meaning we can work efficiently. This is a great advantage for our growing bunkering activities. Our in-house expertise, flexibility and packing capability make us a reliable solution for automotive lubricant brands.


Three pillars of expertise

Today’s Falkoline is a modern company combining 3 strong pillars of expertise.
These pillars are the different original market specialisms of our team that is currently still present in the company, being :


A strong service oriented development, purchase, sales and manufacturing organisation. We are linking todays and tomorrows lubricants and needs to the very effective high quality local production of our product and global logistical solutions.

Creative direction

Creative direction of the brand led by an experienced art director. This department plays a vital role in how the brand is received successfully by the target audience. Design and marketing are key elements to stand out from competitors by communicating the technological advances of our products.

Relation management

Strong and long-term relation management with a keen understanding of local needs and possibilities.


The backbone of our business is outstanding quality products and materials of European production origin and our product range consist of the following materials for specific market segments ;

  • Automotive lubricants, greases and service fluids

    Automotive lubricants, greases and service fluids

  • Marine lubricants and fuels

    Marine lubricants and fuels

  • Industrial heavy duty lubricants and greases

    Industrial heavy duty lubricants and greases

  • Specialty products, additives and components for lubricant formulations or local blending support

    Specialty products, additives and components for lubricant formulations or local blending support

  • Naval and oil field spare parts and equipment

    Naval and oil field spare parts and equipment

  • Lubrication equipment and systems

    Lubrication equipment and systems

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Our business ethics and commitment stands for the following important aspects of our company :

  • Honesty, open relations, human equality, product quality, environmental awareness and business responsibility. 
  • We want to develop our business to a wider global level while safeguarding our own human standards as well as personal contact with our stakeholders and business partners. 
  • We believe that personal dedication, open communication, honesty and continuous improvement are keys for building sustainable business and long term relations.
  • We develop and introduce new products, while striving towards the ultimate combination between our lubricants and the machinery and equipment it is designed for.


Falkoline has developed its businesses in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, not by setting up an overlapping network of many distributors, but by selecting specific strong regional partners. The aim is to find synergy in the partnerships in which Falkoline anticipates to offers its strong innovative, production and logistical advantages, to be combined with strong local partners who really know their market and have a strong sales network with a focus on high quality products to satisfy their customers.

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